What is Magma Fleet Manager™?

It doesn't matter if your fleet of machines is homogeneous or diversified by the make, type or purpose. What matters is that the tangible value and operating costs of these resources are great, making it a significant part of the total value of the company, as well as the price of the final product. In globalized economy, reducing the costs of operations is important factor for the success and survival of the company. A crucial factor in this process is optimization of the management and maintenance of the fleet of machinery.

Magma Fleet Manager™ uses advanced methods of collecting, grouping and filtering of data. This ERP system allows you to easily plan, track, analyze and predict the exploitation of individual machines or groups of machines, workforce engagement, service intervals, fuel consumption, different types of maintenance, and many other operating parameters.

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles, machinery or special purpose machines, Magma Fleet Manager™ will help you to manage resources in an optimal way, providing necessary information in real time and available from any computer or mobile device with Internet access.