Operating problems

Managing a fleet of machines is a complex process, which often is not approached in sufficiently organized and analytical manner. The consequences are increased, unnecessary and hidden expenses. Some of the main challenges faced by companies that possess their own fleet of machines are glut of information, troubled or insufficient integration of data into an existing software system, data redundancy, software scalability, resources utilization degree, control of misuse of funds and managing team and machines dispersed in multiple locations.

Attention particularly should be paid in case of fleet consisted of vehicles or machines of different makes, types and purposes, due to the variety of fuels, lubricants and other supplies, technical characteristics, service procedures, tools, stock of spare parts, etc. This implies additional organization and logistic problems, thereby increasing operating costs.

Magma Fleet Manager™ was specifically designed to cope with these problems. It offers advanced monitoring, analytics and data extraction tools which will significantly simplify fleet operators everyday activities.